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Unbridled curiosity, the courage to discover something new again and again: This is what the R 1250 GS stands for. It has been an icon for four decades - and still continues to inspire with new features. The new LED light design gives it a brilliant appearance and offers maximum visibility: This is ensured by the LED swivelling headlights with adaptive headlights and the Cruising Light. Additional equipment such as seat heating give you extra comfort and, thanks to the seven riding modes, you can master any driving situation with confidence. With this GS, your thirst for discovery knows no bounds. You live the #SpiritOfGS.

The right mode for every adventure

The right mode for every adventure

Tarmacked roads, wet roads or unpaved gravel roads: The seven riding modes of the R 1250 GS ensure optimum grip and superior handling at all times. When the vehicle is stationary, you can pre-select up to four riding modes individually in the menu, which you can then select quickly and conveniently during the journey using the riding mode button. The new dynamic engine brake control provides more stability and easy control of the bike in the Pro riding modes; it prevents the rear wheel from slipping or jerking. And in the new standard ECO Mode, you get the maximum range from every tank of fuel.

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The experience - purely GS style - purely you

The design of the R 1250 GS with its striking front and typical GS flyline is unmistakable. But each colour variant gives it its very own character - which one suits you?

    Style TripleBlack

    Black in all facets: The black storm metallic/black/agate grey paintwork emphasises the powerful shape of your GS with shiny and matt areas.

    Light white non-metallic

    The basic colour light white gives the GS a bright appearance, forming the perfect contrast to the silver frame and the telescopic fork in gold.

    Style Rallye

    Uncompromising and dynamic, your GS comes in Light white/Racing blue metallic/Racing red. Striking tapes make it clear where your bike is headed.

    Edition 40 Years GS

    The R 1250 GS has always been: Its striking black and yellow design is reminiscent of the iconic R 100 GS with very special details.

    See and be seen

    See and be seen

    The perfect illumination for every curve: The adaptive headlights switch on automatically when the vehicle is tilted, providing optimum illumination of bends depending on gradient and payload – a significant plus in terms of safety and comfort. The multifunctional rear LED flashing turn indicators ensure an eye-catching appearance and even greater visibility. 

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    kW (136 HP) at 7,750 rpm
    ccm capacity
    Nm max. torque at 6,250 rpm
    / 870 mm seat height, unladen
    Twin-cylinder boxer engine 1250 ccm (air-liquid-cooled)

    Performance, efficiency, control

    The boxer engine of the R 1250 GS fascinates from the very first glance. You can feel its character in every engine speed range, because it offers you impressive performance with more smoothness at low rotational speeds. The variable BMW ShiftCam variable camshaft control ensures more powerful torque development over the entire engine speed range, providing greater control in every riding situation. This means more displacement and more performance with higher efficiency and therefore power whenever you need it. The strong pull with fewer gear changes gives you more freedom. This way you feel the boxer’s energy even more directly.

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    Fast curve changes, gravel shooting up, endless tours: with the R 1250 GS, you decide what your adventure will look like. Its continuously optimised technology and extensive equipment will take you safely, dynamically and comfortably over any route.


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    ­We see the heated seat of the G 1250 GS. Adaptive headlight with LED swivelling
    We see a detailed view of the LED indicators of the R 1250 GS
    Handlebar risers of 30 mm
    We see the R 1250 GS with handlebar risers.
    Enduro package for trips off-road
    We see the R 1250 GS with Enduro package.
    Comfortable heated seat
    We see the heated seat of the G 1250 GS.
    Adaptive headlight with LED swivelling headlight
    We see the front headlight with LED technology of the R 1250 GS.
    Riding modes Pro and ECO Modus
    We see the riding modes Pro and ECO Modus.
    DTC and ABS Pro in series
    We see the DTC and ABS Pro systems of the R 1250 GS.
    Connectivity with TFT display and USB remote positive terminal
    We see the cockpit of the R 1250 GS with a dominating TFT display.

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