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Be spontaneous. Break the routine. With the BMW G 310 GS, your everyday life becomes an adventure. Thanks to the optimised engine with Ride by Wire and slipper clutch, you can master the urban jungle and make trips into the surrounding area. Your adventure doesn’t have to be big to be unforgettable. What matters is that you experience them every day.

Choose your colour

Choose your colour

All three colour variants of the G 310 GS now come with a dark engine area in Titanium grey metallic. Which combination do you like best?

    Style Rallye

    The Cyanite blue paintwork with illuminating red accents brings the Rallye character of the GS to the forefront.

    Polar white

    The base colour with the white trim panel is striking in its reduced clarity.

    “40 Years GS” edition

    Become part of GS history: The striking black-yellow colouring of the legendary R 100 GS is now available for the G 310 GS.

    One-cylinder four-stroke engine

    inch front wheel
    mm seat height
    mm spring travel
    litre consumption per 100 km based on he WMTC
    Water-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder engine

    A dynamic mixture.

    A dynamic mixture.

    The one-cylinder engine is striking as the cylinder is angled to the rear and the cylinder head is rotated 180 degrees. Among other things, an unconventional engine layout is particularly impressive. It positions the centre of gravity low and near to the front wheel – enabling you to take every corner with ease and precision atop the G 310 GS.

    Not only is it unmistakeably a GS on the outside; you'll also find BMW Motorrad expertise and quality on the inside. Thanks to the effective combustion and the secondary air system, the G 310 GS complies with the strict Euro IV standards. At the same time, the special engine configuration ensures not only low consumption, but powerful and harmonious power controllability even in the lower rev ranges. 313 ccm and 25 kW (34 HP) at 9,500 RPM guarantee the required power and acceleration.

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    The G 310 GS is the perfect companion for discovering your city, beyond its borders and off the asphalt roads. Thanks to the comfortable GS ergonomics and high-quality equipment, this bike is perfect for everyday relaxed riding to any destination.

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    Effortless single-cylinder engine
    We see the single-cylinder engine of the G 310 GS.
    We see the gold anodised upside-down fork of the G 310 GS. Number plate carrier
    We see the clutch and brake lever of the G 310 GS.
    Typical GS flyline
    We see the typical GS flyline of the G 310 GS.
    We see the gold anodised upside-down fork of the G 310 GS. Number plate carrier
    We see the gold anodised upside-down fork of the G 310 GS.
    Number plate carrier with LED brake lights and flashing turn indicators
    We see the number plate carrier of the G 310 GS.
    LED headlights with daytime running light as standard
    We see the LED headlights with daytime running light of the G 310 GS.
    We see the gold anodised upside-down fork of the G 310 GS. Number plate carrier
    We see the suspension of the G 310 GS.
    Convenient luggage carrier
    We see the luggage carrier of the G 310 GS.

    Light and confident.

    Light and confident.

    Relaxed and stress-free riding is not a problem thanks to the typical GS seat position. Handlebars, footrests and operating elements are arranged in a balanced way, making them easily reachable for both larger and smaller riders. And a 180 mm spring travel, the stable upside-down fork and the 19“ front wheel ensure real riding enjoyment on any surface. The firm steel grille bridge-type frame also supports the ride stability. The G 310 GS steers easily and precisely through the urban jungle or along forgotten streets to the next adventure – something new every day.

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    Seat heights for every body size.

    The G 310 GS provides the right seat for every rider type and in doing so enables relaxed and stress-free riding. Alongside the standard seat height of just 835 mm, two other options are available as special accessoires: a lower variant with 820 mm and a higher, particularly comfortable seat with a seat height of 850 mm.
    The typical GS ergonomics.

    Both the handlebars and the footrests and operating elements are arranged on the G 310 GS in a balanced way, thus guaranteeing the typical GS seat position. This ensures a relaxed and easily raised seat position for riders large and small – perfect overview, precise handling.
    Powerful brake system and standard ABS.

    No BMW motorcycle since 2013 has been without it: standard ABS. On the G 310 GS, it ensures safe braking manoeuvres on every journey together with the powerful brake pads. The ABS can be switched off for offroad use.

    Accessories for your G 310 GS

    Everyday Adventures

    40 years of adventure

    Four decades of GS

    Ready for any challenge: Since 1980, the GS has stood for limitless adventure and curiosity, both on and off the road. 40 years ago, we presented the R 80 G/S for the first time as the conceptual pioneer of touring enduros, which laid the foundation for a decades-long success story. We are celebrating this anniversary with the special editions of our versatile GS models. The 40 Years GS editions are each a homage to the #SpiritOfGS. They boast state-of-the-art technology, but their design is inspired by the legendary R 100 GS and reminds us of the origins of the GS.

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