The shimmering 70's.

A motorbike journey through time with Hell on Wheels MC.

The R nineT Scrambler by Hayden Roberts revives the 70s with plenty of flair and attention to detail, giving even the customizer the experience of a special motorcycle journey through time.  

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R nineT Scrambler




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All that glitters is gold

Just one look at the R nineT Scrambler by Hell on Wheels MC and the '70s are back in full swing: bell-bottom pants fluttering, lava lamps whirling and kids riding wheelie bikes. In the disco era, BMW cars often shimmered in Ceylon Gold with models like the E9 or the 2002. The bike from Hayden Roberts also boasts this golden sparkle, paying tribute to the time. The tank, the hand-crafted rear guard plate and protective covers on the air filters have all been painted in gold and parted down the middle with a wide black stripe. Even the nostalgic seat bears the characteristic tartan pattern of the cars from this time.  

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When I ride motorcycles, my head is completely free – this is my favourite thing about it. Then, it is only about the sound of the engine and finding the best routes. ’

Hayden Roberts

Hell on Wheels MC

The black-and-white prison stripes on the headlights are a hallmark of Hell on Wheels MC. Both the pattern and the name of the California-based forge convey the tough guy image. But they are all actually "silly", assures Hayden. It is intended be tongue-in-cheek. If you look closely, you will also notice their typical pattern at the bottom of the rear guard plate. But those are the only nostalgia-free areas. The fog lamps by S.E.V. Marchal are functional, stylish and at the same time reminiscent of the 70s. Just like the ceramic-look of the exhaust system, which resembles the exhaust manifolds of earlier sports cars, and its Twin Cans deliver a raw sound. 

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The bike in detail




Series tank, air filter protection, bench with tartan pattern, fog lamp by S.E.V. Marchal  

Front suspension

Trim panels at the front forks with open weld seams, otherwise it corresponds to the series

Rear suspension

Handmade rear guard plate, swinging arm from the series, cross-spoke wheels    


Self-manufactured twin exhaust


Ceylon gold with black stripes and pinstripes, black and white stripes     

Handlebar area

Whimsical isdt

A return to the old homeland.

Hayden put the bike together in just five weeks. In order to save time, he did not shy away from brutish methods: according to BMW Motorrad, it takes eight hours to expand the intake silencer - but with a multi-saw it only takes only eight minutes. The accompanying air inlet and trim panel ended up on the scrap heap. Hayden replaced everything with simple, brushed pieces of metal. A new air filter allowed the boxer to breathe. And because Hayden loves motorcycling (in addition to conversions and repairs, Hell on Wheels MC is also known for organising races around the world), he reprogrammed the controller and managed to increase the horsepower a bit more.

The additional power was put in action at several venues such as Glemseck 101 in 2017 where Hayden's wife, Joy Lewis, took on a few eighth-mile races. Afterwards, the two went on a kind of honeymoon, riding their bikes through Europe, the Black Forest, the Ardennes and northern France. At the end of the tour, Hayden took a bit of a personal time to travel by himself. He came back to England for the first time in almost 17 years - and what could have been more stylish than crossing the border on his R nineT Scrambler?

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Propellant for your soul.

R nineT modifications from the most renowned customizers.

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